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Residential Homes

Our certified and local service providers understand how to heal your home of offensive odors.

Commercial Properties

Restaurants, Property Management Companies, Warehouses, Cannabis Greenhouses & Production Facilities.

Providing Supplies

We understand that you don't want to call in the Pros each time there's a problem. We sell some DIY items.

We Deliver Sanitized Air & Surfaces

Our Clean Air Cure Program is a means of addressing some of the obvious and not so recognizable benefits of low-dosing of ClO2 into even occupied air spaces.

This molecule, just like simple oxygen and ozone - but better - can oxidize the molecules, compounds and particles that create nuisance odors, allergic responses and even reducing the number and strength of airborne microbes in the air you breathe.

no odors please

Eliminating Nuisance Odors

Some odors are unavoidable. They are just a fact of life.

In just such instances, your OdorPros affiliate can direct you to just the right product or device to control and eliminate those odors in an undetectable manner.

We have methods of cleaning the air you live in every day with or without equipment, that will solve your odor issues.

sneezing from allergies

Allergy-Triggering Particulates

All allergy-inducing particulates are organic in nature.

Studies have shown that the active ingredient in all of our odor control products is also a brilliant method of denaturing the organic particulates that trigger allergies:

Mold Spores | Pollen | Pet Dander | Microbes

breathing in microbes

Reducing Airborne Microbes

Did you know that many bacteria and viruses can be neutralized with less than 1ppm of ClO2?

This means that at levels that are completely undetectable to the human olfactory senses, many offending microbes can be removed or eliminated from the air that you breathe?

Contact us for more information & reports.

Where is Odor, Allergy & Microbe Control Especially Important?

Our Clean Air Cure Program is for everyone and everywhere, but especially where more body fluid, exhalation and vulnerability to odor, allergens and microbial contamination exists: Sports Arenas, Fitness Centers, Weight Workout Rooms, Schools, Daycares and Medical & Dental Waiting Rooms.

workout with kettleballs

Sports Facilities & Fitness Centers

Workouts are designed to be tough.

Muscles are stretched, heart rates are raised and bodies sweat; and when they do, odors often follow.

Providing the means of measuring the air exchange and content quality is what an OdorPros affiliate will do.

We have methods of cleaning the air you live in every day with or without equipment, that will solve your odor issues, filter out allergens and reduce microbes.

children at daycare

Elementary Schools & Day Care Centers

The percentage of children seriously affected by Allergens is on the rise. 18% to be more exact...

and many of these allergy-triggering substances are airborne particulates that can be filtered out or molecularly neutralized.

Adding superior air filtration, UV air sanitation, and low-dose ClO2 dispensing can make marked improvements in Indoor Air Quality where it counts!

Hospital waiting area

Health Center Waiting Areas

One can only imagine how many people actually contract additional illnesses by sitting in and among sick people...

Gone are the days where the sick are isolated and the General Practitioner comes to them, right?

An individual comes in with a sprained wrist and sits down in the seat of someone just admitted with a bad flu. Do you see the pattern that exists?

We can help you automate your protection.

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Focusing on the organic leads first and foremost...

We believe you should get the very best 'BANG' for your buck. That the brand you are buying into, and the affiliation package you are purchasing will get you leads without immediately being hit with big expenses from Google's PPC program.

This is primarily a benefit to those that purchase either at the Premium or Growth Pack levels. We do our very best to get the entire site maintaining and growing nationally, so that you will rank locally. We focus extremely hard on keyword research, Schema development, technical crawls and site structure to get you leads from just your initial investment. That is not to say that the more you put into it, the faster it will go, we just want you to hit the ground running.

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All the Tools in a Single Place...

The store you see on this site is there to support your clients, with their own after-service odor control needs. OdorPros affiliates purchase their supplies directly from the professionals store at Synergy Americas. Here, there are professional and affiliate discounts attached to your account and there is just a $500 minimum order for both deep discounts and free freight.

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Gaining Value from Other's Experience...

Employing the versatility of Telegram, the multi-communication application, you will be in constant contact with the entire support team and affiliate members of OdorPros.

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Marketing Assistance for Face to Face presentations...

For those participating in the Premium or Growth Pack programs, we provide affiliate-specific PDF or JPEG files for printing the vast majority of materials you will need to explain exactly the service you can provide and how these services succeed.

Online Training from

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The first 15 modules are only intended to get you going...

If it were really that simple, then anyone could do it, right?

But also, if you don't have down the basics, how would you ever hope to win your first odor removal contract? Our online training program is not intended to teach you everything, but just to be scared of accept anything - any job that comes along.

The reason is you will learn more in the field than you ever will online, and we'll be there to help. What you will know after the online courses are the nature of odor, the role of bacteria, and the tools at your disposal to get the job done, and done right.

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