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Do-It-Yourself Odor & Stain Removal & Prevention

Many odors and stains can be removed and eliminated from surfaces, air and water with simply a slight adjustment to your cleaning program; a new product here, a minor change in protocol and you can clean and deodorize like a PRO!

Here are just a few tips and products that can help you remove odors on your own, and keep them away.

restroom cleaning with ClO2 and microfiber
1g ClO2 tablets for cleaning and deodizing
Cleaning & Deodorizing Surfaces

When you need to keep on areas and surfaces that are causing odors in our home, use our 1 gram Envirotab tablets. At about the size of an aspirin, each tablet can be added to a quart of water to create an all-surface cleaning and deodorizing solution for about $0.70/qt .

Use it with microfiber cloths on any kitchen, bathroom, or common area surface around your house. This product is perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing cutting boards, countertops, bathroom fixtures and more.

odor coming from car hvac
full room deodorizer
Removing Odors from Vehicles

Even after you have vacuumed and wiped the surfaces of your car, you may still have a terribly smelly car.

It may be the odor of tobacco smoke, pet odor, old fish or a stinky gym bag that was left in the car over the weekend. We have even had one situation where someone had a prime steak spill out of a grocery bag and under a seat where it baked in the sun all weekend.

Whatever the odor, this kit will do wonders at permanently removing the odor-du-jour from your car!

controlling odors in refrigerators
30 DAY | 60 DAY
60 day odor elimination granule kit
Control Odors & Keep Fresh Longer

Odors in refrigerators comes primarily from bacteria in the air, slowly rotting fresh produce and other food items creating an unappetitzing odor.

Our Slow-Release Granule pouch system slips right into your vegetable crisper or adheres to the side of your refrigerator to release a light vapor that attacks the bacteria that creates the waste and odor. Refrigerators aren't their only use. Slip these granule pouches into smelly footwear, storage totes or waste or diaper cans.

Deodorizing RV's
deodorizing gel kit
Storing Your RV Against Mildew

Tired of spending your first great weather weekend of the Spring scrubbing mildew from the walls and fixtures of your camper or RV? Try a proactive solution this Fall.

Place one of our Gel Dispensers to every 70 sf of your boat, camper or Recreational Vehicle and leave the cap opened ever so slightly. This dispenser will release a steady, low dose of ClO2 that will fight off the microbes that take advantage of the lack of air circulation and dampness to create mildew throughout your unit.

kids playing
Protecting surfaces
Protecting Hard & Soft Surfaces

Looking for a super way of placing a protective coating on virtually any surface of your home - hard or soft? Then try a quart of our spray-on/wipe-in coating called 'ChitoShield'. This all-natural biopolymer places a hyper-protective biostatic coating that will block out most stains, odors, microbes and allergens from contaminating the surfaces your children play on, and your family lives on each and every day. Safe for people and pets and totally non-toxic. Lasts for 60-90 days.

disposable wiper for cleaning
Disposable dry compressed wipers
Deodorizing-Sanitizing Surfaces for Less

Are you accustomed to using disposable pop-up wipers? Then definitely try our amazing PRO-TAB Compressed Towelettes.

These do not come pre-moistened, where they can dry out and lose their efficacy, but instead are compressed to about the diameter of a nickel and are dropped into whatever cleaning solution you'd like - hydrating in just seconds, creating a durable, rinseable, reusable 9" x 9" towelette that goes and goes and goes.

mold on lawn furniture
Mold Eradicator and Pump sprayer
Removing Mildew from Lawn Furniture

Spring cleaning can often include the removal of mold and mildew from lawn furniture, fixtures, cushions, pool accessories and awnings.

When that is the case look to Eradicator, our 4 gram tablets in a box that mix quickly and work even faster at removing the mold stains and spores that create odors and discoloration. Simply add (1) tablet to a quart of warm water in our pump sprayer, let set for 2-3 minutes and you have created a better solution for eliminating mold and mildew stains than products that cost 4 TIMES more. Each box contains 16 tablets, and can cover hundreds of feet of stained space.

removing dog urine odor
Pet spotting spray
Addressing Puppy Pee on Carpets

Puppies will have accidents.

Dog and cat urine is full of salts and organic matter. The salts absorb and release odors, and is difficult to remove. The organic materials attract bacteria and can feed odor-causing bacteria for months and years.

For the Do-It-Yourself-er, we offer a product that beats the bacteria at its own game. We send good, non-odor-causing bacteria and enzymes after the salts and organic material to consume the substance and leave no odors behind. Simply spray it onto the spot as soon as you notice it, blot it up with an old towel, and repeat. There is no need to rinse, for there is no detergent.

ClO2 for toilet cleaning odors
ClO2 tablets for cleaning and deodorizing
Eliminating Toilet Odors Easily

Professional commercial cleaners have a ton of tricks, but none is better than this one for really gross toilets.

When a toilet has been flushed, but needs to be both cleaned and deodorized in a major way, Start with dropping just a single 4 gram Envirotab tablet in the bowl.

Leave it for an hour or two (overnight is even better) and you will return to an odor-free toilet with little to no scum in the bowel and a fixture that will now clean up with relative ease. The pervasive odor in the room will be gone and the lime deposits in the bottom of the drain will be broken up and easy to flush away.

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The reason is you will learn more in the field than you ever will online, and we'll be there to help. What you will know after the online courses are the nature of odor, the role of bacteria, and the tools at your disposal to get the job done, and done right.

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