We Eliminate Foul Odors from Your Home.

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...And Make Every Used Car in Your Lot Odor-Free...

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... And We Are Prepared to Take One Mold at a Molecular Level.

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We Also Deodorize Boats, Campers & Recreational Vehicles.

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Yes, We DO Remove Odors from Anything & Anywhere...

It matters not if it is your home, garage, place of business or place of recreation, we can identify, plan and execute an odor removal strategy that is right for you.

Our services can include the heavy pre-cleaning, air filtration, fine soil and odor removals using our systematic approach...


On many occasions, removing the odor is not enough. You need to reduce the bio-burden load so as to keep the bacteria colony count under control and in most occasions, it is wise to add a protective coating to eliminate anywhere the bacteria would otherwise hide. We do it all.

odors from puppy accidents

Pet Odor Removal Services

Kittens are cute and Puppies are fun...

But the onboarding of a new kitten or puppy can be a really tough job...especially if you work away from home.

There is some much that a new puppy needs to learn: what to eat (and not), when to sleep (so you can) and where to do his business. Kittens can be tough, too, until they take to their litter box.

Until a proper routine settles in, and even after, please know that we are here with pet odor removal services.

odor from tobacco

Smoke Odor Removal

Attention: New Home Buyers, Auto Dealers & Apartment Owners...

It matters not if you are a private party, buying a used automobile for a teenager, a young couple get a great deal on a smelly house, an apartment or business owner, we have all learned how difficult it can be to remove smoke odors from cars, apartments, houses and rented spaces.

When you find yourself in a situation where removing the smoke odors is beyond you...call an OdorPros Affiliate!

removing odor from mold contamination

Mold Odor Removal Services

We're here when disaster strikes...

The appearance of mold and its odor is likely the 'Tip of an Iceberg'. When you see it on a surface, it will usually indicate that there is 5-10 TIMES more of it in locations that you can't see. It the mold is not entirely killed, and the environment in which it grew corrected, then the problem WILL return.

We have a system to remove mold and its odors, that can be used in every location where mold can otherwise grow. We're the PROS, and you can call on us!

woman breathing clean air

We Eliminate Musty Odors from Homes

Does your Home IAQ need HELP...

You work hard, you cart kids to play and practice, and then there are the pets. Your home can set idle for hours at a time with little air movement or exchange with the fresh air outdoors. When that happens, the already inferior interior air in your house can develop a heavy mustiness, an otherwise undefinable odor that you know to just not be healthy to breathe. Your house needs a reset. For us, that is a simple service, and much like an airborne Spring cleaning, we take the stale and return to you clean, fresh air.

removing odors from automobiles

We Remove Odors from Trade-In Vehicles

Even after a used car is detailed...

It can still present a challenge ridding it of odors. Odor molecules can embed themselves in to head liners, seat cushions, behind door panels and in the HVAC system so far that they will never be reached by surface cleaning - AND DEFINITELY won't be destroyed by cans of fragrance. If you are a car buyer, beware of used cars with the "new car smell" it's likely hiding something. If you are an auto dealer, we can certainly help. We can remove those car odors, making you more money on every sale.

applying food sanitizers

We Help You Control Odor in LTC & Assisted Living Centers

Services for the toughest of times...

Odors in a Long-Term Care or Assisted Living Facility can be indicative of far more than just a nasal inconvenience. It can be the first indicator of a bacterial invasion that wants to feed off of your entire population of residents.

In just such an environment, it is important to use a proven odor-fighting solution that targets bacteria and other microbes wherever they might be hiding.

We rely heavily upon the same substance that has been designed into our own immune systems: ClO2.

body odor removal in fitness centers

We Remove Body Odors from Fitness Centers

Removing Air & Surface Odors...

Anyone in the fitness industry understands that staying in shape requires a commitment - that it can't be an on-again, off-again routine. The same is true for your facility and environmental surfaces.

Sweating bodies are leaving far more than just salty water behind on benches, tables, backrests and other equipment components, and you need a simple solution that can knock down the bacteria while it kills the odor. Both the surface and the air needs sanitizing to promote a healthy environment.

Consider using your local OdorPro Team as your facility's Air & Surface Specialists.

You'll be glad you did!

removing odors from hotel rooms

We Eliminate Odors from Hotel Rooms

Your Reviews & Ratings Count...

Did you know that 45% of all hotel and restaurant clients make choose first to patronize those facilities that they deem as "clean"? Did you know that over 90% of us define clean first by our olfactory (smelling) senses?

Your facility's ratings on TripAdvisor and other services will definitely be connected to the way in which you deal with odor control. Filling rooms with the smell of Fabuloso or Fabreeze is not the answer. Leaving rooms clean, sanitary and odor-free is your best solution. Consider using your local OdorPros Team as your facility's Hotel Cleaning Specialists.

Hotel rooms should smell clean and fresh, not fragranced. Your clients know the difference.

removing odors from campers

We Deodorize Campers, Boats & RV's

Removing Odors from Campers & RV's

Your vacations are meant to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors by choice, not just because your camper, RV or boat has the leftover odor of fish, or just a strong 'off-season' mustiness to it.

The surfaces within your camper-trailer or RV are designed to be lightweight, and will hold odors for long, long periods of time. Removing those odors may take some professional experience and time.

Consider using your local OdorPros Team as your Air & Surface Specialists . We guarantee to remove all traces unpleasant odors and storage mustiness that invades your recreational vehicle, camper or boat. .

food odors

We Remove the Odor of Rotting & Spicy Foods

Your Refrigerator may have a NOSE...

At least that is what they say about wine.

With wine, it can be a good thing, or a euphemism, but it should never be said about a refrigerator. Cooling chambers like refrigerators and freezers will only smell when something is wrong, either with the unit or with the food inside. Such was the case with a couple that bought a refrigerator that is very pricey when new at a 'steal' because the ethnic family that previously owned it were not offended by the strong smell of spicy food. Did we help get rid of the odor? You bet!

If you have a refrigerator, freezer or pantry that reeks, then call the OdorPros, or check out some of our products you will find in our Ready-to-Use Products for the home and business.

smell of chinese foods

We Remove Old, Stale Food Odors from Restaurants

Even Grease Odors are REMOVABLE!

Did you know that 45% of all hotel and restaurant clients make choose first to patronize those facilities that they deem as "clean"? Did you know that over 90% of us define clean first by our olfactory (smelling) senses?

When a new or potential patron enters your front door, are they met with the smell of old grease wafting from the kitchen, or embedded in the carpet, or clinging to the wallpaper? Make sure that the only smells that influence their decision is the fragrance of freshly prepared and cooked ingredients.

We guarantee that we can remove your unwanted odors in just your restaurants off hours.

odor at doggie daycare

We Help You Control Odors in Dog Kennels

"Get ME Out of HERE!" said the Husky

We have seen far too many kennels and doggie day care's that are relying upon sticky quaternary ammonium compound disinfectants - leaving loads of soil-accumulating residue just for fear of microbes line canine parvovirus and bordetella bacterium.

The truth of the matter is that chlorine dioxide, the solution we use for deodorizing has been demonstrated to eliminate each of these microbes with extremely low concentrations.

Your local OdorPros Affiliate can perform your first cleaning-deodorizing service then set you up with the supplies necessary to replicated this program daily and with far better results than you have smelled!

Your clients and their pets will thank you!

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The reason is you will learn more in the field than you ever will online, and we'll be there to help. What you will know after the online courses are the nature of odor, the role of bacteria, and the tools at your disposal to get the job done, and done right.

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