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There is nothing better than getting out into the great outdoors!

There is hiking and fishing, campfires and a view of the stars that will never be found at home. Sure you may have to 'rough it' a little, and sure there may be some smelly people, gear, and equipment at the end. But no worries, we can help you remove the odors in your camper, boat, recreational vehicle or camping gear! We can provide you with both the service assistance and DIY products that will your recreational equipment smell as fresh and clean as the Great Outdoors!

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts



An Odor Pros Affiliate, may or may not provide housekeeping services; however, they will always clean homes & business - the ones that scare the average cleaning contractor away is our forte. You see, the presence of smoke odor is the presence of a problem, and we have the cure.


We eliminate RV odors that fragrances can't cover, and we can do it without the need for ozone generators that require 110v power! We have naturally powered cleaners and deodorizers that can help you rid your camper, RV or boat of foul odors from your last great outing.


Not all disinfectants are alike.

Many are sold by their fragrance, rather than by their performance. Fragrance has nothing to do with protecting your world.

We only use those that will rid germs quickly and leave no toxic residue behind. We insist on offering safer solutions.


Disinfectants only work when their wet - for about 10 minutes out of the day. Germs are deposited 1440 minutes of the day (24 hours), so we offer the application of non-toxic, completely sustainable coatings that keep bugs at bay. Surface protectants are your very best defense.

Eliminating the Odors that Can Ruin a Good Outing

odors from wet dogs

The Wet Pet Odor

Smelly Dogs LOVE to Camp!

Dogs do not sweat like humans sweat. Dogs perspire from their paws, and they also sweat from their hair follicle, which has a scent that is individual to each and every dog. They also produce an oil, that has a strong smell as well. These odors permeate the entire indoor living areas. With the humid air, the smell is escalated.

Did you know that microorganisms live in dogs hair and it is the biggest source of the wet dog smell?

These microorganisms produce Volatile Organic Compounds which create that awful pet odor smell. Add moisture and evaporation and the nasty smell increases.

removing odor of campfires

The Campfire Odor

Smelly Camping Gear?

I can't think of a single camping trip where everything hasn't come back home smelling like a campfire!

That 'sooty' odor is really partially combusted organic material that is filling the otherwise 'breathable' fabric that keeps you cool in the summer nights.

Denaturing those particulates is important to the condition of your tent, your awnings, rain cloths, folding chairs and more. The soot can and will eventually breed mold and mildew that will destroy your gear and ruin your recreational experience and pleasure.

Let us help you find the right solution to the problem.

fishing gear odor

Something Smells Fishy

Auto Odors from Great Trips!

Regardless of what you are pulling, you will always load some portion of your gear into your car, truck or van, and when you've been fishing, those items will inevitably have been in pond or lake water, scooped up fish or waded through the grassy reeds.

Fishing gear can make your family car smell like a sardine cannery for weeks on end without a quick and effective treatment by an OdorPros affiliate.

We can have your vehicle deodorized in under 2 hours in most circumstances and keep you out of the doghouse with someone not as fond of fishing.

Great Fish Stories & Big Fish Odors

Cleaning is the First Step to Removing Fish Odors!

BioClean Plus 64oz Detergent

Boats are great fun. Fishing is great fun. Returning to the odors of great fishing trips of days past is not.

Happily, most fishing boats are designed to be highly cleanable and that is exactly what you will want to do - CLEAN IT! Removing the odors of past fishing tours is really a matter of removing the oils and organic matter from catching and cleaning fish on your boat.

To remove those fishy odors, the oil and the remains from cleaning fish from your deck, rails and other areas, consider using Synergy BioClean Plus. This cleaner uses earth-friendly surfactants to emulsify soils, degrease natural oils and the 'Plus' refers to the billions of enzymes that will find and consume the material that causes the odors.

Big fish, big odors
odors in recreational vehicles

Preventing Off-Season Mustiness in Campers, Boats & RV's

The opening and closing of campers, boats and recreational vehicles for the season is the time to deal with odors once and for all.

Your local OdorPros affiliate can assist you personally (for the DIY) or professionally (as a service) in treating your precious investment so that the odors of last season don't return, and the tight confinement of

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

the storage experience doesn't turn into mildew or mustiness. We can treat and prepare every stowage hold, cabinet and drawer and set up a slow-release Clean Air Cure that will take you right through to next camping season.

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Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Focusing on the organic leads first and foremost...

We believe you should get the very best 'BANG' for your buck. That the brand you are buying into, and the affiliation package you are purchasing will get you leads without immediately being hit with big expenses from Google's PPC program.

This is primarily a benefit to those that purchase either at the Premium or Growth Pack levels. We do our very best to get the entire site maintaining and growing nationally, so that you will rank locally. We focus extremely hard on keyword research, Schema development, technical crawls and site structure to get you leads from just your initial investment. That is not to say that the more you put into it, the faster it will go, we just want you to hit the ground running.

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All the Tools in a Single Place...

The store you see on this site is there to support your clients, with their own after-service odor control needs. OdorPros affiliates purchase their supplies directly from the professionals store at Synergy Americas. Here, there are professional and affiliate discounts attached to your account and there is just a $500 minimum order for both deep discounts and free freight.

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Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

Gaining Value from Other's Experience...

Employing the versatility of Telegram, the multi-communication application, you will be in constant contact with the entire support team and affiliate members of OdorPros.

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Marketing Assistance for Face to Face presentations...

For those participating in the Premium or Growth Pack programs, we provide affiliate-specific PDF or JPEG files for printing the vast majority of materials you will need to explain exactly the service you can provide and how these services succeed.

Online Training from

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The first 15 modules are only intended to get you going...

If it were really that simple, then anyone could do it, right?

But also, if you don't have down the basics, how would you ever hope to win your first odor removal contract? Our online training program is not intended to teach you everything, but just to be scared of accept anything - any job that comes along.

The reason is you will learn more in the field than you ever will online, and we'll be there to help. What you will know after the online courses are the nature of odor, the role of bacteria, and the tools at your disposal to get the job done, and done right.

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