Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services: Cigarette, Cannabis & Fire

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We KNOW How to Remove Smoke Odors!

Smoke odor is like no other odor. Odors from fire or cigarette smoke often linger and are tough to remove. The smell of smoke gets deeply imbedded in every surface of your home. Every piece of clothing, every wall, every cabinet likely smells of smoke. If you’ve tried to rid your home of the odors yourself, you’ve probably met with failure as normal household cleaners cannot reach every place these odors hide. The ash particles from anything that is burnt: cigarettes, cannabis, grease fires, appliance fires and more can create a vast array of airborne contaminates. Being rapidly decomposed through burning, the compounds become nearly as light as air, easily traveling around your air space settling onto surfaces and embedding themselves into every conceivable open pore. We can remove smoke odors - whatever the source.

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Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services

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When I first introduced to the OdorPros methods, I was a little dubious - can it really be both simple and effective? After completing our first really serious smoke odor removal with the OdorPros protocol, I can report that I was really impressed how great Synergy Soil Break and tablet combo worked on the walls and other surfaces did an amazing job. The 100 mg tablets did a great job as well and the client was super happy with the results as I was.

The Rubbish Outlaw, Akron Ohio



An Odor Pros Affiliate, may or may not provide housekeeping services; however, they will always clean homes & business - the ones that scare the average cleaning contractor away is our forte. You see, the presence of smoke odor is the presence of a problem, and we have the cure.


We eliminate the odors that fragrances can't cover, and ozone can't destroy: pet odors, tobacco, musty, stale air, odors from mold, mildew, hard workouts or bad living - we guarantee to rid them from your world, and then support you with the products necessary to keep them away!


Not all disinfectants are alike.

Many are sold by their fragrance, rather than by their performance. Fragrance has nothing to do with protecting your world.

We only use those that will rid germs quickly and leave no toxic residue behind. We insist on offering safer solutions.


Disinfectants only work when their wet - for about 10 minutes out of the day. Germs are deposited 1440 minutes of the day (24 hours), so we offer the application of non-toxic, completely sustainable coatings that keep bugs at bay. Surface protectants are your very best defense.

What's Causing the Residual Smoke Odor for You?

smoke odor removal services

Cigarette Smoke Odor

Eliminating the Odor of Tobacco Smoke

Smoke and the soot from cigarettes is the byproduct of incomplete combustion of organic matter. The once living tobacco leaf and the cellulose paper casing have been reduced to their base molecules - the trace material that is never fully consumed by the fire. The remaining molecular compound is nearly as light as air, and still containing some of the organic matter.

In essence, that which is in cigarette smoke can still rot and decay if not immediately removed from the surfaces to which it has wafted and clung. The odor is difficult to remove and may require the services of an OdorPro.

smoke odor removal

Cannabis Smoke Odor

The Distinctive Odor of Marijuana

It is general held that the smell of cannabis - or marijuana is more pungent and more odorous than that of tobacco. It can be detected an much lower levels and to the non-user, it is seen to always be thoroughly repugnant to the senses.

This 'skunk-like odor' is due to the greater presence of one of its terpenes, called myrcene.

The protocol we use is like no other method of odor control. Our active ingredient has been proven to be the very best at breaking down proteins and denaturing organic matter-whatever the sources. We are OdorPros!

odor from kitchen fires

Fire Smoke Odor

Smoke Odor from the Fuel for the Fire

'What kind of fire did you have?' someone might ask.

'A house fire' they might answer.

This is an answer that is never sufficient to report to a clean-up specialist how the plan of action is to develop.

It's really a question about the fuel.

House fires can come in all shapes, types and sizes. There are wood-burning house-fires that are radically different from appliance (like a microwave) fire, a grease fire or an electrical fire. There are those that are out in the open and those that are buried in walls.

Regardless of the fuel, we know what to do. We're Pros!

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Professional Smoke Odor Removal Services

At OdorPros, we use a gentle product designed to neutralize the odor-causing molecules. Our technically advanced vapor system can penetrate into walls and other porous surfaces to eliminate smoke odors at the source.

  • We Don't Employ Harsh Chemicals. Our odor removal process is simple. We will wash your walls, ceilings and other hard surfaces with a product so gentle, you can bath in it..
  • We Don’t Just Cover Up Odors. Covering up fire or smoke odors will only work temporarily. That’s why we eliminate odors at their source with a penetrating vapor that denatures smoke odors organically.
  • Can be Used Around Pets. You won’t have to worry about boarding your pets during treatment, as our products can be applied to areas of the home your pets use without any concerns.

Our professional smoke odor removal services include an evaluation and analysis of affected areas in your home, which forms a smoke odor removal plan that meets your needs and your budget. Many of our customers are surprised to learn just how affordable we make it to restore a home’s clean air.

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Products & Services for the Removal of Odors

Why Do We Succeed Where Others Fail?

It's Because We Have the BEST Smoke Odor Removal Program!

Like many other odor removal processes, we employ an 'oxidizer', a molecule that is able to eliminate bacteria, denature allergens and destroy odors at the molecular level.

There are those that swear by ozone, but our system is far less corrosive and, molecule for molecule, 250% more effective. The light greenish-yellow gas we temporarily generate in your home penetrates surfaces more deeply, destroys odors faster, and is remarkably similar to what is contained within each of our own white blood cells.

In short, you can trust the science.

Explore Some of Our Other Odor Removal Services

What is unique about the Odor from tobacco smoke, and What can I do to help control the Odors?

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