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Home Odor Removal

We provide odor removal services to homeowners throughout the Green Mountain, Bennington, Rutland, Killington, VT areas.

Commercial Odor Removal

We eliminate odors from Restaurants, Property Management Companies, Warehouses, Cannabis Greenhouses Southern VT & Northwestern MA.

DIY Odor Removal Supplies

We understand that sometimes you will want to have access to some of the same pro products for after the service. We sell DIY odor supplies.

We eliminate odors from:

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Green Mountain

Odor-Pros- odor removal experts

We Provide Odor Removal & Surface Protection Services to These Areas Within Vermont & Massachusetts:

  • Bennington, VT
  • Brattleboro, VT
  • Castleton, VT
  • Dover & Dorset, VT
  • Killington, VT
  • Manchester, VT
  • Rutland, VT
  • Putney & Walpole, VT
  • North Adams, MA
  • Adams, MA

Real Estate Agents & Property Managers...

Don't lose another rent or sale to odors like...

pet urine odors

Pet Odors & Accidents

odors from cigarettes

Tobacco & Cannabis

odors from water damage

Water Damage & Mildew

smells from garbage

Rotting Waste & Garbage

odors from workouts

Sweat & Body Odor

odors from curry

Spicy & Odorous Foods

How We Do (& Don't) Eliminate Your Odor Issues:

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We DON'T Use Ozone

While ozone has its place in some industrial applications, it is generally just too corrosive for use in most residential and commercial applications. We have something better.

bleach is a poor odor remover icon

We DON'T Use Bleach

Liquid bleach is a corrosive salt, and while it may accomplish some deodorizing, it comes at a cost. Liquid bleach, when mixing with water generate some really hazardous byproducts.

masking odors never works icon

We DON'T Mask Odors

The very last thing you want to do with odors is mask them with pretty fragrances. The presence of an odor is the presence of a problem, and we intend to eliminate the odor at its source.

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We Simply Use Nature

Most odors are the byproduct of bacterial metabolism - their digestion. The methods and products we use are designed to arrest bacterial metabolism and denature allergens.

Are Airborne Allergens Plaguing Your Family?

It is estimated that 30% of adults, and 40% of children are subject to the natural immunological responses triggered by microscopic particles all around us. We refer to these individuals as "allergy sufferers".

Almost exclusively, the airborne particles which cause such grief are organic in nature - bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, mildew and other odors and fragrances that cause red eyes, runny noses, coughing fits and sneezing.

Our Clean Air Cure Methodology is based upon a miracle molecule - chlorine dioxide, which is extremely small, seeking out and oxidizing these offenders before they can attack.

We Specialize in the Removal of Odors like:

urine odor elimination

Pet Odor Removal Services for Southern Vermont & Northwest MA

Pet odors can be the result of puppy training, with the occasional urine accident, from the cat that sprays to mark its territory, or just an abundance of pet dander in the air. Regardless of the source of the pet odor, there are times in which it becomes necessary to call in a professional pet odor removal service for your Southwest VT home.

Or perhaps you are a property manager that needs to have the smell of a previous tenant's pet removed in order to rent out an apartment. We can generally be at your location in Southern VT or surrounding area within 24-48 hours. We guarantee to eliminate all trace of the odor of pets or pet dander!

odor from tobacco

Smoke Odor Removal Services for Southern Vermont & Northwest MA

Removing the odor from past smokers can be among the most difficult of tasks for some contractors, but not for an OdorPros affiliate in your part of Vermont! We have a proprietary method of removing the soot, tar and nicotine from walls, trim and fixtures, which is followed by a whole-space vapor removal system. If you are in SW Vermont then you are in OdorPros territory!

Our team will wash all surfaces with our specialized cleaning and deodorizing compound, and then cleanse the air of all trace of the odors of tobacco or cannabis smoke. Once we have removed the smoke odors from the walls and air, we can then tackle the floors and carpeting , leaving your space smelling fresh and clean!

Removing the odor of mold

Mold Stain & Odor Removal Services in Southern Vermont & Northwest MA

When natural disasters happen, when excessive water enters a home, or just when houses are emptied of furniture and other belongings - mold stains and odors can become apparent. Proper removal of the stains of mold and mildew entails the deep destruction of the root system and spores that provides the fungus with an anchoring system.

Your OdorPros affiliate in Southwest VT has been fully trained and certified in the removal of stains and odor associated with mold and mildew - then know how to rid any space of all traces of that moldy, mildewy smell that is turning away guests or prospective homebuyers. Call today to get a quote for your mold odor removal needs.

removing odors from spicy foods

Cooking Odor Removal Services for Southern VT & Northwest MA

Yesterday's aroma can become today's residual odor.

This is exactly what can become of a great chili, curry or fish fry once the essential elements start to break down and the bacteria begins to feast and metabolize on the airborne elements. Food odors can particularly become a problem for property managers, hoteliers and real estate agents in region.

The Green Mountain OdorPros of VT employ a system that removes the settled organic soils on surfaces, and then denatures the odors in the air so that they are no longer able to own the space and turn your stomach.

odors from hoarding house

Hoarding Odor Removal Services for Southern VT & Northwest MA

Hoarding can have an odor all of its own.

It is rarely a single source smell but a combination of damp, mustiness from stacked magazines and fabrics, dander and urine from cats, mold and mildew from save or leftover food containers. It is the odor of tragedy of the human species.

Once the items have been removed from the structure, and the gross soils have been cleaned as well as can be hoped, then the Green Mountain OdorPros of VT can be called in to finish the job. Their advanced vapor system can penetrate and neutral odors wherever they have hid.

odor from basement spaces

Musty Odor Removal Services for Southern VT & Northwest MA

Basements can make for great living spaces, but not an easy one to keep dry.

Leaking pipes, backed up drainage and even just the condensation from being underground can take porous surfaces like books and magazines, carpet and upholstery, sheetrocked walls and ceilings and turn them into a musty mess. The careful management of relative humidity is essential, but even then, sometimes you need to call in the pros- the Green Mountain OdorPros of VT.

Their technically advanced vapor system can eliminate even the most deeply embedded musty odors.

We Specialize in Odor Removal Services for:

removing odor from AC units

Hotel Odor Removal Services for Green Mountain Region of Vermont

When a lodger has violated the "No Smoking" rule, or a pet has decided to mark your rented room as his territory, and the HVAC system has been circulating that foul air throughout the room - its time to call in the OdorPros. We provide retainer options so as to afford you and your facility same day service so you can recover a room quickly and not miss a nights revenue.

Once you have provided your regular room service - without making the bed or stocking the towels - give us an hour, and we'll give you back a fresh-smelling space.

sweaty body odors

Fitness Center Odor Removal Services in Southern VT & Northwest MA

Anyone in the fitness industry understands that staying in shape requires a commitment – that it can’t be an on-again, off-again routine. The same is true for your facility and environmental surfaces.

Sweating bodies are leaving far more than just salty water behind on benches, tables, backrests and other equipment components, and you need a simple solution that can knock down the bacteria while it kills the odor. Both the surface and the air needs sanitizing to promote a healthy environment. Call the OdorPros today.

detailing cars

Auto Dealer Odor Removal Services for Green Mountain Vermont

Even after a trade-in has been detailed, it can still present a challenge ridding it of odors. Odor molecules can embed themselves in to head liners, seat cushions, behind door panels and in the HVAC system so far that they will never be reached by surface cleaning – AND DEFINITELY won’t be destroyed by cans of fragrance. If you are a car buyer, beware of used cars with the “new car smell” it’s likely hiding something. If you are an auto dealer, the OdorPros can certainly help. We can remove those car odors, making you more money on every sale.