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Master the Basics:

In these courses you will learn the science behind deodorization, its relationship to sanitization and an expert in the Clean-Air Cure .

Service Satisfied Clients:

With the below courses, you will be able to assess jobsites accurately, know the source and target of odors and how to ensure success.

Sell After-Service Products:

Earn additional revenue with after-service products from Synergy Americas, maintaining odor-free areas, and selling surface protection.

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Welcome to the TRAINING CENTER.

This section is open only to paid Affiliates and is open to all verified employees of said Affiliates company. It is intended to provide the Trainee with all of the tools necessary to discern odors: the type and source of most odors; the best methods for destroying these odors, for protecting once-contaminated surfaces and the best practices for maintaining areas prone to odor.

In addition, you will learn about microbial contamination, germ control and other factors that make true the statement...

"The presence of an odor is the presence of a problem."

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Training to Become One of the

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Training Module #1: More Chlorine Dioxide Facts

In order to win the confidence of your prospects and clientele, you will need to both master the Basic Chlorine Dioxide Facts AND be prepared to explain the differences and improvements in performance achieved by using ClO2 for deodorization. To the better informed, you will be called upon to not only to defend your position over bleach, but over other oxidizers used in deodorization: Ozone, H2O2 and Peracetic Acid.

Training Module #2:

The Tools of Your Trade

As you will know well by now, ClO2 is primarily effective when it is in its gaseous form. It may be within an aqueous solution suspension, but it will penetrate no odor-causing bacteria and remove no fungal stain until it is released as a gas. While this will happen both passively and naturally, there are tools available to you that assist you in delivering the gas exactly when and where it is required. Here, we cover those tools.

Training Module #3: Safe Handling of Tablets

While it is perfectly true that ClO2 can be perfectly harmless to handle at concentrations of under 400ppm, the tablets contain an assortment of reactants and catalysts designed to create a chlorine-dioxide-generating factory, and until these ingredients are consumed in the reaction, there are some tablet-handling precautions that MUST be followed carefully. We will cover all five various sizes of tablets, and concentrations.

Training Module #4: Setting Up for Deodorizing

Preparing a room or house space for deodorizing is really a matter of ROI - getting the best return on the [gaseous] investment you are making in the space. In this lesson you will learn that you are looking for two essential performance indicators:

Containment, and


Without these, you will not achieve the successful results that you and your client want.

Training Module #5:

Deodorizing Surfaces

As we have already established, ClO2 is primarily effective when it is in its gaseous form, so the question becomes, "how can you achieve hard, non-porous (& soft, non-porous) deodorization when each has its own unique challenges?" In this lesson we will focus on:

Where the odor is really coming from, and

What is required to get rid of it?

It's basic to deodorization & disinfection.

Training Module #6: Deodorizing Carpeting

Carpeting can be as difficult to deodorize as it is to clean, with dye-sites that can capture and contain soils and stains of all types.

In this module, we will cover the very wide arsenal of soil, stain and odor weapons at your disposal, and how each of them play a roll in a successful result for you and your clients.

We will discuss both "when" to deodorize, "why then?" and "how" to do it right.

Training Module #7: Maintaining Air Spaces

In this module, we will not be covering so much the remediation of odors as the control of odors.

How to assist your clients with keeping away the odors you have already once destroyed.

All odors have a source, and they wouldn't be odors if they were not releasing noxious and unpleasant gases.

We will discuss a variety of methods in preventing odors from re-achieving dominance.

Training Module #8:

Deodorizing Vehicles

Vehicles, when compared to homes, have a slightly different set of requirement. There may be more light flooding into a home than a vehicle, the surfaces may have greater porosity, and the odor may be trapped deeper within the seat cushions and the headliner. In this module, we will walk you, step by step, through the entire process, showing you some essential differences and new concepts in protection not yet covered in this course.

Training Module #9: Dealing with BIG Issues - Part 1

As mentioned in Module 5, full deodorization can only be secured when the surfaces have been freed from organic soils that will restart the attraction of microbes and the redevelopment of odor all over again. In this lesson, we will review the steps for removing the soot, tar and nicotine of past smokers before gassing can take place.

Training Module #10: Dealing with BIG Issues - Part 2

As mentioned in Module 5, full deodorization can only be secured when the surfaces have been freed from organic soils that will restart the attraction of microbes and the redevelopment of odor all over again. In this lesson, we will review the steps for addressing the potential for urine or uric acids before (and after) gassing.

Training Module #11:

Unique Commercial Jobs

As you gain traction as an OdorPro, and secure a broad appeal within your market, you will come upon challenges and opportunities from some really tough requests - locations where generating odors is just a fact of life:

fish markets,

cannabis growers,

waste water treatment facilities,

and more. Let's try to get you prepared.

Training Module #12: Attic & Crawl Space Jobs

Attics and crawl spaces are made to be a challenge all in their own class. Think about it...

Attics can have odors from:


squirrels, bats and mice,

Crawl spaces can be made odorous by:

Stale and standing water,

rodents, and mold.

We will attempt to cover each and every potential.

Training Module #13: Quoting Deodorizing Jobs

In this training module we will be reviewing the various calculators and quotation tools that are available to you online at

You will not just see HOW to use the tools, but WHY the pricing is as it is.

While you are not required to use the numbers we offer through these calculators, we want to ensure that you and your team have every opportunity to win as many jobs and as much profit as possible.

Training Module #14:

Mitigating Allergens

It is recorded that over 50 MILLION Americans suffer from some form of allergy and another 25 MILLION from asthma. Those are some serious numbers. This means that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from respiratory triggers and congestion with many of these being from environmental conditions. As an OdorPro, you will also have the opportunity to assist many of these sufferers achieve a less stressful existence.

Training Module #15: Providing Protection

In continuation to the previous module, in this lesson we will cover the role of antimicrobial coatings, the various types that are currently available and what you may expect out of each.

We look forward to demonstrating how you will become the preeminent success and expert in your market area once you have mastered these concepts, are able to articulate the options and know how to apply our product.

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